Remember Nhu Kenya Missions Trip 2023

This video shows a seven minute overview of the team's trip to Kenya in August 2023.
Virtual Missions Trip

Was the overivew video just not enough for you?  Do you want to see more of what happened while the team was in Kenya?  There were many beautiful events from this trip captured on video.  Check out our Remember Nhu Playlist on YouTube to see these videos:

  • "Seeing the homes" - girls see the homes for the first time, including the bus ride there
  • "Meet the House Parents" - a short video where house parents introduce themselves
  • "Kimberly's Gospel Presentation" - given at the community outreach to the neighborhood children
  • ""Dedication Speech and Blessing" - the dedication speech and blessing given over the new homes
  • "Sue A's Testimony" - given at the worship service
  • "Daric's Sermon" - given at the worship service
  • And four videos of the girls singing "How Great Thou Art" and "When I think of you"


Additional Videos