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The best way to make friends here is to serve on a team.

Volunteering might be your best next step.  It will put you in contact with people and opporunties to invest in the lives of others.  We have a variety of great ways for you to explore serving.  Some of these are "easy on, easy off" teams, and others require a greater level of commitment.  

Our hope is that you will find the team that is right for you.  For teams that serve on Sunday, it might also be helpful to have the mindset of come to one service, serve in the other.  This way you can attend church, and then also serve the church body.  There are also a variety of ways to serve during the week.  

The commitment to volunteering is a significant step, and we ask our volunteers to commit to one of two time windows.  The first is 9 months, during the school year.  The second is 3 months during the summer.  

As you explore these teams, you can use this form to sign up, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page if you have additional questions.  We are looking forward to seeing you on a team! 

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Great Places to Start
Worship Ministry

A key component to the Sunday morning experience involves music. If you have musical skills, we would love for you to be able to utilize those abilities by joining the band. Current needs on the team include percussion, guitars, and ambient sounds (pads, beats, etc.). If you are interested in joining this team, just fill out this form

If you are interested in leading worship, we would love to have a conversation with you to explore what that might look like. 

AVL (Audio, Visual, & Lights)

Having a great Sunday morning experience takes a lot more than just having great musicians. There are five stations in each service that make Sunday morning come alive. If you have skills or interest in sound, projection, lighting, cameras, or broadcast sound, we would love to train you in using these systems. If you have skills in using a digital sound board, running ProPresenter, or PTZ cameras, this would be a great team for you to join. If you are interested in this team, just fill out this form

Alpha Team

The Alpha Course helps people explore the Christian faith in a conversational way.  The Alpha team is a great way for you to employ your gifts and talents.  The Alpha Team is comprised of a variety of volunteer roles, including prayer coordinator, group facilitator, kitchen team, group helper, emcee, worship leader, tech, and setup and breakdown.  If you are interested in this team, just fill out this form


When an invited guest comes to your home, what do you do? You probably smile, greet them at the door, show them where they can sit and relax, offer them a drink. As we are inviting members of our communities into the church, we want to offer the same type of hospitality.

The goal is for every person that walks through the door to feel so welcomed, accepted and cared for that they want to come back! While this is the job of the entire church, a Hospitality Team member is the first face a guest sees. You can participate on this team on Sundays by helping in the parking lot, opening doors and greeting, serving coffee, showing people to their seats, or being a resource for child check-in and directions around the building.

After a service, a guest might have questions. Hospitality Team engagement post-service is another vital part of this ministry. We expect Hospitality Team members to be available to help guests feel known, including answering questions, saying hi to guests, collecting information, and pointing them to next steps. If you love making people feel at home, this is a great place for you to serve! If you are interested in this team, just fill out this form

Social Media & Web Communications

If you understand the phrase, "Stop the Scroll", then we want to talk to you about serving on this team! Social Media is much more than a digital bulletin board. For us, it is a storytelling tool. We are looking for people who can help us tell the story of what God is doing here through a variety of social media and online platforms. If you are interested in this team, just fill out this form


We have a large facility with a variety of building and maintenance needs. To keep everything running smoothly, we have a wonderful volunteer team that helps with these special and routine items. We are looking for men or women who have some handy skills to help keep things in order. On average, Trustees put in 2-3 hours of volunteer work per month. If you are interested in this team, just fill out this form

Global & Local Outreach

Did you know there are over 16 different nationalities represented in the Akron area?  There are also countless needs in our commmunites as well as around the world.  The Global & Local Outreach team focuses on helping us develop international partnerships and provide local missions opportunites for Rooted & Life Groups.  If you are interested in this team, just fill out this form

Great Places to Invest

What were your middle school and high school years like? What could they have looked like if you had mature adults pouring into your life? Middle school and high school are still challenging times for today's students. That is why it is so important for students to have a ministry geared for them that is led by adults who care for them, invest in their lives, and love Jesus deeply. There is a thorough process for potential adult youth leaders that starts with this application.


The goal of Kids Ministry is to develop a generation of passionate Jesus followers.  If you are good at engaging kids in a meaningful way and want to see them know Jesus, this might be a good fit for you. Making sure our kids are safe and with trusted adults is highest priority for us.  That means you will need to go through a background check and fill out this application to join the team.

Small Group Facilitator

The role of a small group facilitator is meant to help guide a small group into living out the key rhythms of discipleship both personally and as a group.  This role is more of being a guide rather than being a teacher.  

This role requires training and accountabilty that will be provided through our Small Groups Ministry Team.  If you are interested in leading a group, the best first step for you is to go through Rooted with others.  If you've already completed Rooted, you may be ready to lead a Life Group.  Just let us know on this form and we'll help you get started. 

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Questions about Teams?

Let us know what questions you have and we'll help you out.

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