I will give to the Lord the thanks due to his righteousness, and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord, the Most High.   - Psalm 7:17

Worship is for Jesus, it's to Jesus, and it's all about Jesus!  As we praise Him on Sunday and in our daily lives, we foster a posture of worship that speaks truth about our God and recenters our hearts. You are always worshipping something and we want to help you worship Jesus.  

In Sunday services we gather with others who are seeking God.  In these times we want to focus on the character, purposes, and presence of God.  The praise music, Scripture readings, prayer, giving, teaching, communion, and more, aim to lead us into experiencing the very presence of Jesus together. 

Questions & Answers

Music carries a wide range of emotions, expectations and applications. We want you to know what to expect when you come to Sunday Service. Here are some answers to common questions.

We play a wide variety of songs that encompass modern songs you'd hear on Christian radio as well as an occassional hymn. We like to include different elements from time to time in our services, like having people share verses during or in between songs. Instrumentation also varies from just a keyboard and a cajon (box drum), to adding guitars and drums. 

Clothes.  :-)

We want you to come to church in whatever makes you feel comfortable.  We have some who wear jeans and others who wear suitcoats.  Our heart is that you will come as you are and let Jesus shape your heart and life.  


Children are such a big part of life and because of that, we want your children to worship, too. We have specifically designed options for your little ones that range from them staying in the service, or participating in age appropriate gatherings with other children. Most of our kids remain in the service until after the announcements and then they are dismissed for Treasure Seekers. Visit our Children's Ministry page for more details. 

Worship includes a vast array of activities that bring glory to God. In addition to worshiping God through music, we also want to see our church grow in using art, lighting, stage design, lyrical displays/slides, video stories, and more to bring God glory.  If you have an interest in learning, or using your talent, we have some gifted worship leaders who would love to help you develop and use your gifts on a team. 

Meet Our Worship Leaders

Ashlee Gray
  • Worship Ministry Coordinator

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